Heuristics for NUI

Artifacts for using the Heuristics for design and evaluation of Natural User Interfaces (NUIs), in both English and Brazilian Portuguese

The original set of 23 heuristics was published in:

Maike, V. R. M. L., Neto, L. D. S. B., Baranauskas, M. C. C., & Goldenstein, S. K. (2014). Seeing through the Kinect: A Survey on Heuristics for Building Natural User Interfaces Environments. In Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Design and Development Methods for Universal Access (pp. 407–418).

The heuristics were then applied in practical scenarios and revised, making a new set of 13 heuristics:

Maike, V. R. M. L., Neto, L. de S. B., Goldenstein, S. K., & Baranauskas, M. C. C. (2015). Heuristics for NUI Revisited and Put into Practice. In Human-Computer Interaction: Interaction Technologies (Vol. 9170, pp. 317–328).


To apply the heuristics, we have prepared a form that contains their text and the compliance scale. This form is available in English and Brazilian Portuguese:

Form in English

Formulário em Português do Brasil